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One Platform.
Infinite AI Assistants.
100% Safe & Secure.

KARLI is your Enterprise LLM and AI Assistants platform. Secure and compliant hosted in Austria, KARLI helps you in every way.

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Looking for reliable and secure AI-Assistants for your enterprise?


Build AI-models that understand your entire organisation


Protect your data: Keep your secrets safe & host in AT/EU


Be ready for the future and build on state-of-the-art models & architectures


No matter your task - KARLI Studio got you covered.

KARLI streamlines tasks and frees up valuable time for pursuing your primary goals.

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Done with sifting through endless files? Ever tried a LLM for quick access to vital company knowledge. Get what you need, without the hassle.

Craft the chatbot your customers will love, effortlessly tailor it to perfection with intuitive drag-and-drop simplicity.


Privacy by Design:
Secure Enterprise LLM Operations in the EU

In line with the European GDPR, we guarantee data privacy and safe hosting in every aspect.

Our models and your data can exclusively be hosted in the EU, and our granular permissions system protects your data from unauthorized use – for your eyes only. You decide who is granted access.

How does this work?

In cooperation with Austrian IT infrastructure providers, we are building an unprecedented GPU and AI infrastructure with hubs in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

This will give you the power to either start your AI journey or take it to the next level.

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KARLI Enterprise LLM - Enabling the future!

Get the best fitting Foundation Model for your enterprise and be 100% future proof. Our Mix-of-Expert methodology (LLMaaS) is designed to deliver exceptional results by combining the strengths of the KARLI LLM — a highly efficient, German-sensitive model — with the latest global advancements. Empower your business with KARLI and stay ahead of the competition.

KARLI-LLMaaS (Large Language Model as a Service) is the engine that powers your enterprise LLM Assistants. Our central framework behind KARLI combines LLMs to leverage your success!


An integrated set of AI Assistants for your team and the entire company

Get the support you really need. Get your individual KARLI studio, tailored to the needs of your team.

Sales Assistant

Sales Assistant

Leverage assistant for instant access to product and customer data, ensuring efficient transactions and high-efficiency fulfillment of customer needs.

Customer Support Assistant

Support your Employees

Assist your customer support by letting your chatbot process and answer common questions for you - to make time for relevant tasks.

Marketing & Content Creation Assistant

Automated Social Media

Generate articles, reports, and information materials, enabling faster content production and consistency.

Customer Chatbot

Automated Customer Support

Automate responses to common customer inquiries, reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction.

Internal Guideline & Governance Assistant

Your digital Co-worker

Give your employees their own digital coworker - available 24/7 and there to answer all your employees questions - based on your chosen data.

Document Information Search

Your Enterprise Library

You need to find that one important information that you know is burried in a document? Just ask your digital assistant - he will find it for you!

How our customers integrated KARLI in their workflows

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Our KARLI platform enables enterprise-specific and highly secure AI Assistants based on Large Language Model technology.

Start buliding your own Enterprise LLM today – no one does it better than KARLI!


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